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Hello and welcome to your Portraiture Course!
My name is Matthew Dewey and I am an artist. Ever since my early studies, I found I have a knack for portraiture. It is truly an enjoyable subject for me to work with and ultimately all the results are as satisfying as the process. Painting is a passion I truly enjoy, making realist portraits in the best way possible. Upon using art software I began painting every day, the ease of creating magnificent paintings any time of the day while I work is fantastic! The hope I have for this course is to instill the same passion by showing you how to paint a portrait, piece-by-piece, feature-by-feature!
Throughout this course, I use the software ArtRage. The purpose of this course is to show you how to create portraits and this can be done in any medium, so don't fret about not using the same software. The lessons I provide can be taken and used in any medium!
What you will learn:
You will learn how to shape each feature of the face
You will learn how to properly blend colors to create realistic skin
You will learn how to paint each feature, working with the darks and lights
You will learn how to manage each feature of the portrait
And in the end, you will be able to paint a fantastic portrait without the need for a reference!
PLUS, bonus tips along the way!
If this sounds like the course for you then don't hesitate to sign up today!
I will see you soon!
"Art is certainly a passionate career, but it is an even better lifestyle!"
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