Digital Precursor - Precursors to Weaponry

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Presented is the Precursors to Weaponry torrent from; your source for science, engineering and weapons information.
This torrent is an amalgamation of the Do/k/ument which is currently stuck at 96% and the AGI Videos torrent which contains most of the American Gunsmith Institute videos but is running very slowly at the moment.
As well as these, this torrent is very special because it contains the 1982 version of the Handbook on Weaponry by Rheinmetall GmbH which is NOT AVAILABLE on the internet (even google books doesn't have it).
"This is a 700+ page handbook issued by one of the premeier armaments corporations. It is a wealth of information about virtually every type of weapon--current as of 1982. Sample chapters include "Explosives," "Internal Ballistics,""External Ballistics," "Intermediate Ballistics," "The Application of Probability Theory," "Sighting and Aiming," "Automatic Weapons," "Guns," "Gun Mechanics," "Ammunition," "Fuses," "Rockets," and "Ballistics and Wespons Testing Methods." It is filled with photos, charts, and tables. There is no other handbook like it."
If you were told to make an armament of some kind and could only choose 1 book in the world with which to get your information from, The Handbook on Weaponry would be that book.
The only thing missing from the Do/k/ument is the thompson specs; everything else is present (either from the original, the Digital Precursor Library/FTP or downloaded especially to replace missing content)
Special thanks to our /k/omrades on 4chan, the people that uploaded the AGI Videos and finally to the community at
If you want to help our community out, please donate bitcoins to 1DjkcdQgkpa3obWPTnbxk7gcsW6qS7h7ni or head over to and join the community, gaining access to the largest library of Explosives and Weapons information on the internet! 


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