Holma H. 5G Technology. 3GPP New Radio 2020

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A comprehensive guide to 5G technology, applications and potential for the future
5G brings new technology solutions to the 5G mobile networks including new spectrum options, new antenna structures, new physical layer and protocols designs and new network architectures. 5G Technology: 3GPP New Radio is a comprehensive resource that offers explanations of 5G specifications, performance evaluations, aspects of device design, practical deployment considerations and illustrative examples from field experiences.
With contributions from a panel of international experts on the topic, the book presents the main new technology components in 5G and describes the physical layer, radio protocols and network performance. The authors review the deployment aspects such as site density and transport network and explore the 5G performance aspects including data rates and coverage and latency. The book also contains illustrative examples of practical field measurement. In addition, the book includes the most recent developments in 4G LTE evolution and offers an outlook for the future of the evolution of 5G. This important book:
Offers an introduction to 5G technology and its applications
Contains contributions from international experts on the topic
Reviews the main technology components in 5G
Includes information on the optimisation of the Internet of things
Presents illustrative examples of practical field measurements
Written for students and scientists interested in 5G technology, 5G Technology: 3GPP New Radio provides a clear understanding of the underlying 5G technology that promotes the opportunity to take full benefit of new capabilities

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