Take the Leap: Change Your Career .. by Sara Bliss EPUB

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Take the Leap: Change Your Career, Change Your Life by Sara Bliss EPUB

Take the Leap is a road map for pursuing your true passion. 

Sara Bliss (yes, that’s her real name) tracked down more than 65 people who transformed their lives to learn how they did it so you can, too.

Sell your screenplay. Code your way to a career. Make the ocean your office. Get paid to talk sports. Launch a brand in your kitchen. Move to paradise and take your job with you. Live off the land. Build a legacy.

Take the Leap is packed with inspiring profiles, quotes, and other pieces of creative advice from game changers, rule breakers, and side hustlers, including successful entrepreneurs like Barbara Corcoran, Bobbi Brown, writer turned actress (at 40) Jill Kargman, Black Crowes drummer turned sports radio host Steve Gorman, writer Simon Doonan, and NFL player turned artist/activist Aaron Maybin, and many more.

This is a career guide for today’s ever-changing job market. Thinking about your own next chapter? Take the leap. 


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