Sebastian Horsley - Dandy in the Underworld Paperback (epub)

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Dandy in the Underworld Paperback

by Sebastian Horsley

This is the story of Sebastian Horsley's life. Growing up at High Hall, in

Hull, with his alcoholic mother, who regularly attempted suicide, his

stepfather, a cult member dressed in orange, and his father, a crippled

millionaire, Sebastian Horsley couldn't wait to leave home. Searching for

happiness, meaning and a good outfit he embarked on a doomed career as a

punk guitarist, had a stormy relationship with a notorious Scottish

gangster, enjoyed a wildly successful period as a stock-market entrepeneur

and experienced a near fatal stint as a shark-hunter. Sebastian charts his

years as a dandy, an artist, a male escort and a brothel connoisseur. There

are the love affairs, with Rachel 1 and Rachel 2, and a harrowing descent

into heroin and crack addiction. DANDY IN THE UNDERWORLD evokes his

desperate attempts to get clean, culminating in his crucifixion in the


Sure to shock and surprise, Sebastian Horsley recounts his story with

excruciating self-knowledge and a savage wit.

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