Introduction to Behavioural Ecology 4th ed 2012 by Davies et al

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TITLE: Introduction to Behavioural Ecology, 4th edition (2012)
AUTHOR: Nicholas B. Davies, John R. Krebs, Stuart A. West
ISBN-13: 9781405114165
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DESCRIPTION: This textbook helped to define the field of Behavioural Ecology. In this fourth edition the text has been completely revised, with new chapters and many new illustrations and full colour photographs. The theme, once again, is the influence of natural selection on behaviour - an animal's struggle to survive and reproduce by exploiting and competing for resources, avoiding predators, selecting mates and caring for offspring, - and how animal societies reflect both cooperation and conflict among individuals.

Stuart A. West has joined as a co-author bringing his own perspectives and work on microbial systems into the book.

Written in the same engaging and lucid style as the previous editions, the authors explain the latest theoretical ideas using examples from micro-organisms, invertebrates and vertebrates. There are boxed sections for some topics and marginal notes help guide the reader. The book is essential reading for students of behavioural ecology, animal behaviour and evolutionary biology.

1. Natural Selection, Ecology and Behaviour
2. Testing Hypotheses in Behavioural Ecology
3. Economic Decisions and the Individual
4. Predators versus Prey: Evolutionary Arms Races
5. Competing for Resources
6. Living in Groups
7. Sexual Selection, Sperm Competition and Sexual Conflict
8. Parental Care and Family Conflicts
9. Mating Systems
10. Sex Allocation
11. Social Behaviours: Altruism to Spite
12. Cooperation
13. Altruism and Conflict in the Social Insects
14. Communication and Signals
15. Conclusion

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