Popular Mechanics - December 2019 (gnv64)

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Popular Mechanics USA - December 2019
English | 104 pages | True PDF | 104 mb

It’s Fun to Take Things Apart How to juice up a Power Wheels mini-car p.10
Cars & Trucks The pros and cons of choosing diesel or gas p.16
Home Everything you need to know about buying a standby generator p.36
Deep Math Supercomputers solve a 65-yearold math problem p.44
This Changed Everything How GoPro sparked a DIY video movement p.90
How to Be Good at What You Do Azalia Mirhoseini, Senior Research Scientist at Google Brain p.100
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Popular Mechanics South Africa - December 2019
English | 108 pages | True PDF | 88.4 mb

16 The bigger picture: The Gemasolar solar plant generates electricity using molten salt.
18 HYWW: What prehistoric chewing gum tells us; a bicycle motor taken apart; the largestever steam train rides again; are you being bugged or tracked?
64 Fencing: A first-timer’s account of his introductory lesson, and why you should try it too.
78 Give your garden back to nature: A garden that’s in tune with its natural habitat just makes the most sense.
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