How it Works Annual - December 2019 (gnv64)

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How it Works Annual - December 2019
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Welcome to the tenth volume of the How It Works Annual, where your burning questions about how the world ticks finally get answered. Feed your mind, indulge your curiosity and uncover the truth behind some of the most popular misconceptions. We delve deep into the mysteries of our world with in-depth and entertaining articles, accompanied by cutaways, illustrations and incredible images to show you exactly what goes on inside. The How It Works Annual explores the universe through six areas of knowledge: technology, transport, the environment, history, science and space. Our subjects range from the dinosaurs and meteor showers to the future of technology and the greatest engineering feats of the modern world. In this edition, you'll also find a special feature on humankind's efforts to recreate the Sun's immense power on Earth. We've also got features on the devastating Chernobyl disaster, the robots who will soon play a key role in warfare and the gigantic new sewer system currently being excavated below the busy streets of London.
Ready to learn more about the astounding world around you? Then read on and be amazed.

008 The power of the Sun
152 What the dinosaurs really looked like
018 Robot surgeons
026 How vaccines save lives
028 How we taste
030 The Chernobyl disaster
038 Atom anatomy
044 Life at the extreme
052 The foam-nest frog
054 Deadly plants
058 The Rainbow Mountain
059 How coral reefs form
060 Animal antidotes
064 Trees of life
070 Creating mov1e mag1c
074 Designing the Daleks
076 Heroes of: Marty Cooper
078 The Thames Tideway Tunnel
082 What's inside a waste incinerator?
and more...

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