Eschaton- The Book and The Play

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Eschaton/Earth - The Book (pdf)

Story Line:

A contemporary Adam and Eve, along with an engaging devil, Luci, are commissioned by God to execute His plan to corral knowledge and return all earth's sinful souls to Eden - (or more likely, for most of us, to hell). Luci agrees to His plan because she clearly has much to gain from the destruction of knowledge.

Eschaton is the last revelation to ever be written for the Bible...and despite a degree of darkness, it has what might be considered a happy ending.

Eschaton-The Play

‘Eschaton-The Play’ is derived from the Book, ‘Eschaton’.
It features a modern ‘Adam’ and a modern ‘Eve’; ‘Lilith’, the snake from the Tree of Knowledge with an Irish brogue; ‘Luci’, an attractive and whimsical devil; a merciful God; ‘Knowledge’, the kernel of knowledge on earth; his devout bride, ‘Mary’; and a chorus that alternately appear as Eden’s animals, plot narrators, and renowned, if somewhat insolent, observers of conditions in Hell.

Jesus and Mark Twain make cameo appearances

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