MirHassani S.Methods and Models in Mathematical Programming 2020

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This book focuses on mathematical modeling, describes the process of constructing and evaluating models, discusses the challenges and delicacies of the modeling process, and explicitly outlines the required rules and regulations so that the reader will be able to generalize and reuse concepts in other problems by relying on mathematical logic.
Today, with the efforts of the scientific community, efficient algorithms have been developed and embedded in mathematical software to satisfy the need of OR practitioners. These software can receive the mathematical models, compile the collected information in a specific form, and call an appropriate solver. Then, the model is solved via mathematical algorithms, and the result is returned to the user. In this way, the user will be able to design, formulate, and then solve the problem by himself or herself without dealing with the mathematical complexity of algorithms. The success in this area is reliant on the construction of an accurate and appropriate model that not only observes the problem conditions but also considers the limitations of algorithms as an effective factor.
Undergraduate and postgraduate students of different academic disciplines would find this book a suitable option preparing them for jobs and research fields requiring modeling techniques. Furthermore, this book can be used as a reference book for experts and practitioners requiring advanced skills of model building in their jobs

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